Stigmas of Today’s Business Women

Business women are often stereotyped as these asexual, insensitive controlling women. Maybe that’s true for many of them. However, it’s not true for all of them-or not even for most of them for that matter.

Here’s the deal…

The married women and the women who have children with long-term significant others just want their families to meet them halfway. They especially want their lovers to allow them to have the freedom to enjoy success as much as they do. Now, of course, times are far better than in the 19th and 19th centuries and earilier.

However, the sad thing is…

As far as respect for today’s business woman, there still is much room for improvement.

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Where Would You Do Business?

If you could do business anywhere, where would it be? Would you just stay in your hometown or would you travel? Lately, Los Angeles as well as Las Vegas and New York City seem to be some of the top locations for people who want to take their business on the road. Where would you do business if you could? I’m just curious, and I should try to find a way to add a poll to this post. I wish I knew how. LOL

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A Gentle Reminder: Never Give Up (If You Can Help It)!

You probably have heard this so many times-or if you haven’t you’ve been hanging around the wrong people (I hate to say). This is a gentle reminder not to give up even if you don’t think you can make it through another day.

I’m speaking to this to you both on a personal and a professional level. Whether you are in business for yourself or you wish to advance your career never give up-at least not if you can help it!

Involve Yourself Within Your Community

No matter where you live, getting involved in your local community is one stepping stone towards business success. The more personal interaction you have with others where you live the better off you will be. You shouldn’t do this just for the opportunity alone but you should do it for the love of people and the love of what you do. When in doubt, participate in non-profit pursuits or donate money to those in need.

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Communicate your Message and Purpose Clearly

One very important aspect of promoting yourself is to communicate your message and purpose clearly. This concise communication effort needs to be evident on your blog or website as well as your selling literature. It also applies to when you travel to different cities selling your products or services at trade show booths, and while you are involved in non-profit pursuits.

Just remember this…

If customers do not know they need your service how can you expect them to hire you?

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Be Creative and Productive

When in business you need to be creative as well as be productive. This is true no matter what industry you represent, and no matter what product or service you sell. Always keep in mind the impression you want to give others, but also do not be afraid to put your heard into your work or your brand.


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