“Live for Today” — Monday Inspiration for the Growing Entrepreneur

live for todayIf you’re a growing entrepreneur, dare to dream. However, in the process, you must remember to live for now. Wondering if the future will bring better success than today will not help you achieve your goals.

Remember to enjoy every single day. Don’t just survive each day while working toward a milestone. Otherwise, before you  know it, you will have lived your entire life feeling like you’re reaching but never grasping.

Have a Plan, but Don’t Worry

Many people wake up each day gritting their teeth while they say to themselves, “I’ll be able to enjoy life when I make enough money.”

However, what if that time never came? What if you were always going to be this poor? Yes, it’ hard to have any fun or go anywhere, and it’s hard to help people when you feel broke. However, try to still relax once in a while and find a way to still make connections with other people when you’re not working.

Spend time with your family, too. It might feel tough to be in a position of feeling inferior if you don’t make as money money as they do. However, in the end what does it matter? Maybe you spend most of your time trying to make a better life for yourself, but at least a few times a year – or even once a month – remember your most important relatives and friends. Furthermore, spend as much time with your children and spouse as you can.

More Monday Inspiration: “Do What’s Right…”

do what you know is right.I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve done plenty wrong in my life. However, I also know it’s never late to turn my life around, and I would say the same for everyone else. In the process, I want to do more of the right thing again, just because it is the right thing to do. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Running a Business with a Conscience

Business owners face dilemmas every day, especially when struggling financially.  They might feel a bit desperate and tempted to take on work that otherwise does not match up with their moral or ethical beliefs. However, they must ask themselves whether or not they will regret it later. Is it really worth it?

Should business owners decide to pursue a particular market just because they’re desperate to make money?

This answer lies within each individual. Some people choose to compromise during tough times, such as during a recession or right after the holiday season. However, we all have to ask ourselves where in the end it will lead us? Doing what we don’t even believe in causes us to not believe in ourselves, and at that point, no one else will believe in us either. We have to have faith we can make it without succumbing to moral degradation – neither in business nor in our personal lives.

Why Don’t you Turn your Idea Into a Business? (7 Reasons)

© 2012 Bombeta de Llum; original taken from Wikimedia Commons.Did anyone ever ask you “Why Don’t You?” when you said you want to turn your ideas into a business? If you always wanted to start a new venture, and at least one someone asked you this and you still haven’t done it, why not?

Reasons You Don’t Pursue Your Dreams

You may have more than one reason stopping you from pursuing your dreams. You won’t accomplish anything until you break through the barriers.

  1. You’re afraid to fail. You think to yourself, What if I don’t make it? What if people make fun of me? What if I spend all my extra money on advertising and I can’t buy Christmas presents? These real thoughts may flood your mind and make you too petrified to turn your idea into a business. I have had often feared failure, and I had to get over that so I could pursue my dreams.
  2. You don’t want to take the risk. The status quo seems so much more secure to you for the time being than would trying something new, because at least you still have a paycheck. However, any time you think about leaving your comfort zone, you stay stuck. Take it from me. I know how it is. I would reached some of my vocational goals quite a bit sooner if I had taken a chance earlier in life.
  3. You have no money. This may be even true. You might not have much money, and you barely get by with what you need for food or rent. However, how often do you buy beer, cigarettes, newspapers, clothes, and other extra? Is no money really the problem, or are you just not willing to make sacrifices? I myself had to realize it’s time to change my spending habits if I want to experience financial freedom some day.
  4. You have no time. Maybe you work all day and have kids with whom you want to spend the little time you have left in a day. Otherwise, maybe you work three jobs because you have to support yourself and have no one else to help you. On the other hand, how many times this week did you stay up until 3 a.m. playing video games, went out to the bar, or watch TV for hours? Can’t you make any time for achieving financial freedom?
  5. You have no support. Maybe you don’t want to try again because people that supported you before have given up on you. However, you can convince people that you really are serious about wanting success. Keep up the good work and people will begin to believe in you.
  6. You have no self-esteem. You probably heard all your life that you will never amount to anything. If you ever struggled with this issue, you are not alone. Don’t let other people drag you down. If you put your mind to it, you can really do it. It might take work, but you really can succeed.
  7. You have doubt. You may not turn your idea into a business if you never believe it will work. Faith often produces far more results than any amount of financial capital or physical resources. You must believe you can do it and keep striving to find what you need to make it happen.

So Now What?

If you really want to turn your idea into a business, you need determination, drive, and discipline. Find out what you love to do the most and learn as much as you can about it. Then, go live. Show the world how good you are at what you want to do and watch the money roll into your bank account.

For The Growing Entrepreneur — Kick those Monday Blues with some more Inspiration

Here’s one more quote for the growing entrepreneur as well as the wannabe business owner: 

Kick those Monday blues! This inspiration should get you through to at least “hump day.” But seriously, if you can’t cheer up by Wednesday, then maybe you should either take Thursday off to look for new work, sleep all day, or go out to the club and dance off your stress!

Weekly Wednesday Advice — Take Customer Feedback Seriously

Do you want to know how your business is doing? Just ask your customers. Also, take their feedback seriously if you want to experience growing entrepreneur success. Don’t expect them to always be able to tell you want they want right away. Sometimes, you might have to make a couple of revisions before you get it right. However, while building a relationship with them, you will eventually know them better than your competitors will.


What to Do if you Dread Going to Work Everyday

If you wake up every day saying, “I wish I don’t have to go to work today,” you may need a change. Perhaps you worked a job you hate for years, and now you would like to enjoy life again. If so, you might want to obtain some further guidance concerning the six points presented below:

  1. Go into a business in a field that you truly enjoy. If you do, you will want to get up in the morning instead of sleeping in all day. Your entire outlook on life will change dramatically.
  2. Start a business that benefits not only you but also your community. For instance, professional writers life is too shortcan make people aware of problems within a neighborhood. You can write about local crime or write depositions for people fighting for justice.
  3. Be sure to promote your company in a number of ways to get noticed more. Use social sharing, set up pay-per-click campaigns, and buy niche ads. Use free tools such as forum posting and guest blogging cautiously. You don’t want to get caught doing it just to gain a backlink.
  4. When starting a business, start one in a field in which you have experience. You will make the most money at one you already know how to do. In addition to having a passion for what you offer to your clients, it helps to have the expertise to complete important projects.
  5. Make sure you have enough capital to fund one year of operation. It helps to have enough money to pay for advertising. You also want enough funds to pay for people to work on the portions of your business that take away from the time it takes to deliver a product.
  6. Do everything you can to raise capital. You might have to work a part-time job while you run your business until you know the operation will sustain you. Furthermore, enter contests, apply for grants and seek out alternative funding. If you can obtain funds you do not have to pay back, that’s better for you.

Even if you have to work your current job for a while longer, you can still make plans for the future. It’s never too late to finally try pursuing at least some of your dreams!

Monday Inspiration for The Growing Entrepreneur — “If I’ve Never been Bound…”

I pondered whether or not to include this on a business blog. I almost put this on one of my personal ones. However, the  kind of work I do blends my personal like with my professional life. This to me speaks of trials I’ve been through during which I cried, “Why God! Why?!” I don’t have all the answers, but this piece really speaks out to me. 

I don’t fully grasp the meaning of it yet. However, like the poetry I read in college, my subconscious reacts before I even have time to decipher it. I at least know this quote has something to do with appreciating freedom after having been imprisoned. I took this to mean an emotional bondage, but it could apply to any situations after which you broke free.