Successful People: What Do They Have that You Don’t (But Could Have)?

If you are a growing entrepreneur who wonders what successful people have that you don’t have, this is an eye-opener for you. The truth is, there is not much that they have that you do not.

Some of the world’s riches CEOs, TV producers, actors, actresses, and musicians grew up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Some of them were even homeless at one time.
Here is what successful people have, and this is why they make it (and you can too):
  • Usually they have a plan. This plan includes a life vision of what they hope to accomplish, and it includes practical steps they need to take to meet their goals. This plan also usually includes financial goals.
  • A person who has “made it” has a positive attitude. They will not let anyone get them down, whether it is a negative parent, abusive spouse or traumatic accident. They will find a way to succeed even if their lives do not turn out exactly as they hoped.
  • A strong support system does not hurt! A person who is successful even after living in poverty as a child or young adult finds the right people to support them. One mentor who believes in a person who has a dream can even make a huge difference. However, receiving support from as many influential people as possible drastically increases chances of success.
  • Financial support also is highly beneficial. It might take you awhile to secure the business capital by way of grants and loans that will help you advance your operation. However, just never give up. You can also work to support you while you build your business from the ground up.
  • They continually educate themselves. Whether it be through self-starting entrepreneurial reading material or formal schooling, they never stop learning. They are also never closed off to new ideas and suggestions.
  • When necessary, their own intuition wins over. They are willing to take advice from others. However, when they have a dream they also know when to not listen to wrong suggestions. They know when to use their own judgement, in other words. This is one key to advancement of a growing entrepreneur’s business.
  • They keep going, no matter what! Unless they have a good reason to “close down the candy shop” they will not give up without a fight. They also are the type of people who believe in trying again and again until they succeed. You can learn from the growing entrepreneurs that came before you.

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