Monday Motivation: When People Have Nothing Nice to Say: How to Carry On

It’s tough to carry on when you feel like people have nothing nice to say to you. You try to make an effort to improve your life, and perhaps they’re the first to pounce on any weakness you have to see if you’ll crack. Don’t let “them” destroy you!

It’s tough to be around people who don’t believe in you when you’re doing your best and making your best effort. If you’re dealing with this today, try not to let it get to you too much. Cry if you must, and maybe take a nap. Then, hopefully when you wake up you’ll feel more optimistic that you don’t have to give up on your dreams.
Oh, and if you’re pissed off because people are telling you that you need a day off, they’re probably right. You can’t control the fact that maybe your spouse or children are lazy and don’t do enough work to help you pay the bills. However, you can’t keep going the way you are if you’re burnt out. Trust me I know. 
In fact, it’s now a little after 4pm. I’m thinking its not too late for a nap myself. If you’re still working, maybe take a day off tomorrow and sleep all day. Then, get up early the following day and you’ll feel like it’s a brand new start for you. 

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