The Best Infographic on the Importance of Business Customer Service I’ve Ever Seen

The title of this infographic is actually “A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned.” It centers on retaining your current customers because doing so saves you money. Many businesses take the value of repeat customer service for granted and they need to do what they can to provide the best level of service to their clients as they can. 

Note: I’m in the process of finding out who the Pinterest author of this is. I’m just barely starting to use that site and am not sure how to find out yet. 🙂

Don’t Make Mistakes, but if you do, Take Responsibility

Competition out there remains fierce. You might feel the pressure to never make mistakes. You shoudn’t, but even if you do, take responsibility for it. Clients appreciate an imperfect service provider (or product seller) more than they do one that refuses to acknowledge a problem. 

The facts presented in this infogram will help you understand why you need to take good care of your customers: 


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