Don’t Do What I Did Seven Years Ago!

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It was about six, almost seven years ago, now that I decided to attempt my first affiliate marketing campaign ever. I remember it to this day and I shared what I call my “Ignorant Affiliate Marketing Campaign Story” on a few forums to which belong.

My Story

I decided I wanted to buy a domain and create a shopping information portal. It was going to refer people to various sites where they could find what they need.

My Start-up Process

I signed up to gain authorization to place banner ads on my site, so that’s what I did. I stacked one banner ad right on top of another, and I placed one right next to another. It was about three or four rows high.

The only text I had on my one page I call my first website was a “Welcome to My Site” kind of post. It was only one paragraph long.

My Site Submission Wake-up Call

I tried to submit my site to Google, because I thought that’s what you had to do back then-submit your site. I didn’t know Google had automatic web crawlers that seeks the Web for new content.

Anyway, when I went to check if my site was included in this giant search engine, I found out some bad news. It was not submitted, and the reason was because I had “not enough unique content” on my site.

No Unique Content, eh? That Was an Understatement!

The truth was I really had no content on my site. Not any more than the one paragraph and the ads I was authorized to use on my site. Looking back now it seems kind of silly but I really didn’t know better. Still don’t do what I did back then.

Bonus Tip: Make money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing: What To do, and What Not to Do

As a growing entrepreneur and affiliate marketer you might seem like you are in the Land of Nowhere when it comes time to prepare and run your first campaign. Some simple guidance can help prevent you from making mistakes that could result in loss profit.

What do Do
Utilize as may free blogging, social networking, and promotional tools as possible. This will help cut down your costs as you attempt to make money as an online growing entrepreneur.
You are also advised to make sure your website is very easily organized. It would be in your best interest to make your blog topics as specific as possible.
However, even if your blog or site covers a wide range of topics. In any case, make sure the site is easy to navigate and you have tags or categories listed for easier browsing. It also helps if you add a site search because it is one more way for your visitors to more simply find what they want.
What Not to Do
You are advised not to place too many affiliate links and html image ads too close together. Otherwise, they will appear like a cluttered mess.
It also would not be a very good idea to place too many diverse links together. There are exceptions to diversifying link topics though, such as when you create “deals of the day” on a shopping site.
Another very important rule you should follow is not to place too many images and graphics on your site pages. You need some photos or a logo, but if you overdo it you might risk the possibility of your site taking too long to load.

Five New Internet Marketing Tips Provided by Today’s Experts

Bonus Tip: Make Money Blogging

The best way to keep making money as an Internet marketing professionals is to keep learning new tips. Otherwise, you could become outdated and lose your mo-jo when it comes to attracting new customers. 
~~1. Keep an eye on traffic:
You can do this using a variety of tools. For instance, perhaps you have a Blogger account. You can view statistics of how many page views you have per day and you can find out how these visitors heard about your site (i.e. could be a traffic source, or All kinds of tracking tools will allow you to learn where you should do your promotion.
~~2. Stay tuned to your customers:
Always make sure you understand their needs. You can do this by watching what comments they make on your site, or you can read and reply to their e-mails they send you. Furthermore, follow through on all promises to customers, and never neglect their needs. 
~~3. Update your site or blog information regularly:
This will keep your visitors returning. If they return on a regular basis, chances of increased sales is a possibility. If necessary — and you have the funds — hire a full-time freelancer to produce content for you. 
~~4. Attend Internet marketing conferences:
You could go to an actual seminar at a physical location. If you cannot make it, you could also learn from online webinars and tele-seminars. Any video or audio tutorials you can acquire would also be beneficial to you as a growing entrepreneur branching out into affiliate marketing. 
~~5. Never give up:
Sometimes trial and error is the first stepping stone to affiliate marketing success. All Internet business operators have made mistakes. The key is to learn from the people who have gone before you, and learn from your own unprofitable attempts at making money.

Bonus Tip: Have you made money blogging yet?

A Biography: The Story of Affiliate Marketer John Davidson

In 2009, affiliate marketer John Davidson founded the Cheap Insurance site. According to Davidson, the main objective of this venture is to attract insurance customers who are suffering the effects of the recession.
The main service provided is the issuance of information about insurance products. A rate quote engine was also launched to help consumers find the best possible rates. However, this was not John Davidson’s first experience in the online insurance business. He initially became interested in the concept in 2002, and since them became well-versed in how to make it a profitable operation.
His Advice
John Davidson encourages other affiliate markers by telling them that he does the following: keeps an eye on traffic, pays attention to reader feedback, and works hard to meet the needs expressed.  

Biography: The Success Story of Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins started out in affiliate marketing in 1997. His first campaign ever was for Amazon, an online book and media company. He says he did it “to help pay the bills.”
More about Shawn Collins
He originally operated a print magazine about his adventures in New York City. He later transformed this into an online publication. When he became a member of the Amazon affiliate program he featured relevant books on his site, and then he later started branching out to feature other advertisers.
What Collins considers his most successful achievement as an affiliate marketer is the fact that he was able to pull himself out of debt. As of September 2008, he reports not even having a credit card balance and no longer has any other debt. He says, “thanks to affiliate earnings.”
About Affiliate Summit
After becoming dissatisfied with certain other programs, Collins co-founded the Affiliate Summit program along with Missy Ward. This program was launched in 2003, and now this organization hosts two conferences a year on both the east and west coasts of the United States.

Biography: Nicole Dean, Affiliate Marketing Coach

Nicole Dean has been an affiliate marketer since 2004. She, in my opinion, is an inspiration because she seemed to almost immediately make a full time income almost since the beginning.
Her success in the Internet marketing world is part of what has helped her decide to share some of her secrets with others. I would say she is one person to take advice from because she has made a steady, growing income every year.
Her Experience
Even though she was very successful almost from the start, she did have a rocky beginning. At first she was struggling with feeling too restricted as she tried to make money promoting advertiser’s products.
“I felt like I was jumping through hoops just to make them money…The list of things that I wasn’t allowed to do was longer than the list of things that I could do…”
However, as of October of 2008 she reports making quite a bit of money dealing primarily with selling downloadable products. Most of the money she has made as of this time was via the sale of e-books and mp3 learning audio media.
Nicole Dean is the author of the Affiliate Success Coach program. She started this resource to help provide better tools and communication for people running affiliate programs.
Her Suggestions
Nicole Dean believes in the power of blogging as an affiliate marketer. She recommends, Squidoo, WordPress, or Squeeze. Dean’s other recommendation is to make your own website.  

Harrison, Age 16: Biography of Successful Young Affliate Marketing

A young affiliate marketing professional known as “Harrison” is already getting started at g 16. When asked why he got started in online money-making ventures he says, “I got started with affiliate marketing back in 2006…I was sick of getting paid minuscule amounts for thousands of clicks so I signed up for a few affiliate networks & started to try and monetize better using CPA offers.”
I am assuming when he says “thousands of clicks” he is referring to various ad programs where you can making money when someone clicks on a link. He later started generated more leads through pay-per-click advertisements.
His Experience
On Mr. Harrison’s first affiliate marketing campaign he broke even. At the time he was operating a ring tone where he was earning 30 cents per click.
Regarding this campaign, Harrison says, “the campaign didn’t last very long but it helped me gain the confidence to really start figuring out PPC & how to do it efficiently.”
That is usually how it is for most people who start out. It might be slow at first, but when you learn more and more secrets the opportunity to make more money increases.
It took him six months to make money on his websites via generation of profit without using Pay Per Click ads. It then took him about five months to generate traffic that earned him money within five months.
About This
Keep in mind that every story and every experience is different. The above is an example of a young affiliate marketer who uses pay per click advertisement. However, you can also keep blogging and building up your website via search engine optimization (SEO).

A Brief Biography of Affliate Marketer Michael Abolafia

Sometimes when a growing entrepreneur hears affiliate marker biographies it can be an inspiration to others. How they started out can help you chart your own path to success.
Michael Abolafia’s Story
Michael Abolafia was the affiliate marketing specialist at Advanta Bank Corp and CSI Commerce. This is where he used his skills to create affiliate marketing programs of sizes for a multitude of industries.
He has represented some very well-known companies, such as Kmart, LNT, The Sports Authority, and more. In 2007 he has signed on to run the online marketing and e-commerce operations for Taylor Gifts. He also is currently responsible for website development and search engine optimization for this company.
Since his work at Taylor Gifts natural search traffic is up 30%. Premium rankings for this company have also been achieved. He has also been known for having an impact on creating successful e-mail marketing and paid search campaigns on both large and small scales.