Happy New Year from “The Growing Entrepreneur” — Set Resolutions You can Keep

The Growing Entrepreneur at Jabsfreelanceworld wishes you a Happy New Year. May all your personal and professional dreams come true this year. Set resolutions you know you won’t break and take one day at a time. Having a plan will help you reach your goals much faster. 

Anyway, have fun tonight! Or if you already are out, I pray you drive safe and make God protect you on the road. 

Help for the Growing Entrepreneur — Understanding the Marketing Hype Cycle

I found an article that may not have had the most attractive title, but I still wondered what the hype cycle meant. Therefore, I read it, and I’m glad I did. If anything can encourage the growing entrepreneur not to give up, this will. It refers to the way the public becomes excited about a new product or service, even if not much research supports it. 

Sometimes, a period of discouragement can occur because of this. Knowing a little bit about the hype cycle can help a company decide whether or not to take a chance on a product or service before everyone else does or to just wait. Sometimes market research matters, but determination and faith also makes a difference. 


Communicate your Message and Purpose Clearly

One very important aspect of promoting yourself is to communicate your message and purpose clearly. This concise communication effort needs to be evident on your blog or website as well as your selling literature. It also applies to when you travel to different cities selling your products or services at trade show booths, and while you are involved in non-profit pursuits.

Just remember this…

If customers do not know they need your service how can you expect them to hire you?

trade show exhibits

If you want to establish your brand locally and not just online, Las Vegas is one preferred location for trade show exhibits. However, it doesn’t matter where your main business resides, as long as you know how to make your mark known in your city or town. Times are changing and the Internet is becoming more local, however, you still need to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Be noticed!

How Great Copywriting Advances Your Affiliate Marketing Plan

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Great copy writing is one major key to successful advancement of an affiliate marketing campaign. Knowing what to say and how to say it when you launch your sites can help you generate higher sales.

Here are some simple copy writing tips for advancement of your affiliate marketing plan:

Shorter sentences are far more compelling than long winded sentences. In other words, take a breath while you are writing! Every time you would naturally have a long pause between sentences is a good indication that a new sentence should start.

You should know the product that you sell very well, including benefits and drawbacks. This will help you provide more accurate consumer experiences to new buyers who may be interested.

A product or service is more likely to sell if the seller is a believer. It especially helps if the seller has actually used a particular product, brand, version, company, or service. If not, the seller should at least have knowledge that would convince them that a product or service really does work.

Not every sentence you write should be a selling sentence. In fact, almost never should you sound like you are trying to sell. The only exception usually is when giving reviews or writing recommendations, or when you place your affiliate links or banners on your pages. Non of your articles on your sites or blogs should sound like sales letters.

If you follow the above guide when creating your copywriting content, your products and services will begin to sell themselves. Make sure you use only a moderate amount of keywords in your articles as pertaining to the products you sell.

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Seven New Affiliate Marketing Methods

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Perhaps you are bored with your current affiliate marketing methods. Either that or maybe you want to learn new ways to promote products online that could increase profit.

Ask and answer questions on Yahoo! Answers. Within your answers and on your profile you can link to pages of content that also has links on it to other products, services, or brands. However, keep in mind that your questions and replies need to be worded carefully. It should appear like natural conversation and not like promotions of any kinds.

Use straightforward instead of misleading advertising language. This is the fastest way to make a sale. It helps eliminate customer questions and it also reduces consumer surprise. When you are truthful in your ads you will build a positive reputation.

Use Reddit to sell your products. However, when you do this really you are submitting useful content to this site. Then, the more popular your blog or website content is, the more visible it will be to users. The result is greater exposure which helps you gain more website traffic. A similar site for submission of your content would be Digg, where top news stories are saved and popularized.

Market your product through a Youtube video. This is becoming a very popular way to promote products nowadays. However, you are fair warned that it is better to provide informative or entertaining content instead of just making a canned commercial. The exception would be when you purchase sponsored ad space.

Use humor. For instance, you can write an entertaining article that directly or indirectly involves a product or service you plan to sell. It helps if this article makes people laugh. You can then put affiliate links at the bottom of it.

Have as many reviews of your product or services for sale written up as possible. Make sure they are authentic reviews based on real experiences. Fake testimonials will get you nowhere. It might take you time to find information on certain items or services you want to sell.

You do not necessarily have to use every single one of the new promotional options shown above. However, the above list should help you get started in your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Don’t Do What I Did Seven Years Ago!

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It was about six, almost seven years ago, now that I decided to attempt my first affiliate marketing campaign ever. I remember it to this day and I shared what I call my “Ignorant Affiliate Marketing Campaign Story” on a few forums to which belong.

My Story

I decided I wanted to buy a domain and create a shopping information portal. It was going to refer people to various sites where they could find what they need.

My Start-up Process

I signed up to gain authorization to place banner ads on my site, so that’s what I did. I stacked one banner ad right on top of another, and I placed one right next to another. It was about three or four rows high.

The only text I had on my one page I call my first website was a “Welcome to My Site” kind of post. It was only one paragraph long.

My Site Submission Wake-up Call

I tried to submit my site to Google, because I thought that’s what you had to do back then-submit your site. I didn’t know Google had automatic web crawlers that seeks the Web for new content.

Anyway, when I went to check if my site was included in this giant search engine, I found out some bad news. It was not submitted, and the reason was because I had “not enough unique content” on my site.

No Unique Content, eh? That Was an Understatement!

The truth was I really had no content on my site. Not any more than the one paragraph and the ads I was authorized to use on my site. Looking back now it seems kind of silly but I really didn’t know better. Still don’t do what I did back then.

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Harrison, Age 16: Biography of Successful Young Affliate Marketing

A young affiliate marketing professional known as “Harrison” is already getting started at g 16. When asked why he got started in online money-making ventures he says, “I got started with affiliate marketing back in 2006…I was sick of getting paid minuscule amounts for thousands of clicks so I signed up for a few affiliate networks & started to try and monetize better using CPA offers.”
I am assuming when he says “thousands of clicks” he is referring to various ad programs where you can making money when someone clicks on a link. He later started generated more leads through pay-per-click advertisements.
His Experience
On Mr. Harrison’s first affiliate marketing campaign he broke even. At the time he was operating a ring tone where he was earning 30 cents per click.
Regarding this campaign, Harrison says, “the campaign didn’t last very long but it helped me gain the confidence to really start figuring out PPC & how to do it efficiently.”
That is usually how it is for most people who start out. It might be slow at first, but when you learn more and more secrets the opportunity to make more money increases.
It took him six months to make money on his websites via generation of profit without using Pay Per Click ads. It then took him about five months to generate traffic that earned him money within five months.
About This
Keep in mind that every story and every experience is different. The above is an example of a young affiliate marketer who uses pay per click advertisement. However, you can also keep blogging and building up your website via search engine optimization (SEO).