More Monday Inspiration – Our Weekly Quote for You

The Growing Entrepreneur knows you need encouragement from time to time. After all, life does not come easy. Running a business presents many challenges. For instance, many people assume you, a growing entrepreneur, does whatever you wants all the time. Right now, this quote encourages you to be a leader and not a follower. That’s how you can realize our true potential. Chart your own path for your life. It will bring you the most success according to what accomplishment means to you.

do not be led by others

For The Growing Entrepreneur — Kick those Monday Blues with some more Inspiration

Here’s one more quote for the growing entrepreneur as well as the wannabe business owner: 

Kick those Monday blues! This inspiration should get you through to at least “hump day.” But seriously, if you can’t cheer up by Wednesday, then maybe you should either take Thursday off to look for new work, sleep all day, or go out to the club and dance off your stress!

Weekly Wednesday Advice — Take Customer Feedback Seriously

Do you want to know how your business is doing? Just ask your customers. Also, take their feedback seriously if you want to experience growing entrepreneur success. Don’t expect them to always be able to tell you want they want right away. Sometimes, you might have to make a couple of revisions before you get it right. However, while building a relationship with them, you will eventually know them better than your competitors will.


Monday Inspiration for The Growing Entrepreneur — “If I’ve Never been Bound…”

I pondered whether or not to include this on a business blog. I almost put this on one of my personal ones. However, the  kind of work I do blends my personal like with my professional life. This to me speaks of trials I’ve been through during which I cried, “Why God! Why?!” I don’t have all the answers, but this piece really speaks out to me. 

I don’t fully grasp the meaning of it yet. However, like the poetry I read in college, my subconscious reacts before I even have time to decipher it. I at least know this quote has something to do with appreciating freedom after having been imprisoned. I took this to mean an emotional bondage, but it could apply to any situations after which you broke free. 

Some Monday Inspiration — Quote from Albert Enstein

Year after year I take the advice to stay diligent. After all, the Bible says that if you don’t work you don’t eat. Anyone who has any amount of self-respect at all wants to pull as much of their own weight in life as they can, even if they have a physical or mental limitation. However, we can all lose focus on what’s important — fortune or fame or just to make an impact on the world?

We all have to remember why we ever decided to have our own business in the first place. It’s not just for ourselves so we can work whenever we want. Everyone needs a greater purpose or it’s just not worth it. I believe the Bible as true, but even some of the world’s greatest philosophers — regardless of how they feel about the Bible — also teach us that we need a purpose.

I want to succeed, but I also want to remember what’s really important: 

(Of course, this quote applies to women, too. I just left it as is. Oh, but this one is not from the Bible, it’s from Albert Einstein.)

Here’s some Monday Inspiration for you from The Growing Entrepreneur

The growing entrepreneur exists to help people not give up as a an online marketer. We also try to keep traditional business people inspired as well. I found some quotes that mean something to me, and I hope they speak to you at just the right time. Hopefully this will help you find some inspiration this Monday and that you get out of your beginning-of-the-week blues!

I plan to share this once a week for the next three Mondays at least. I hope by then I’ll have time to gather some new inspirational sayings to post here in the future. Of course, some of you may still be celebrating Christmas vacation. Still, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the new challenges that await you this coming year. 

So here’s this week’s quote:

This one tells me to not feel too bad about plans gone wrong. A new and better plan awaits me in the future. However, we also have to be careful to stay in the moment or we will miss the best opportunitiess. Do not take anyone or anything for granted when in business.