Nobody Wants to be Dirt Poor, but Having Excess Money Doesn’t Solve Everything

I’ve been there. It’s no fun to not have money when your single, especially when your bank account is close to zero and in danger of over-drafting. It’s even worse for the people who lost their homes where they raised their children. 

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I personally would want everyone to have enough food to eat and a warm bed to sleep. I also think it would be nice if everyone in the world would have a comfortable bed and at least a few changes of good clothes and a washing machine they can use to clean those clothes.

Not feeling like you have money to support yourself or your family can do a number on your self-esteem. I know at times I felt extremely low when it seemed like I had to beg people for money just to make it through the week. That is no way to live.

Having it All Doesn’t Help — Just Gives you More to Lose

Again, no one wants to be dirt poor. However, having it all doesn’t help either. It seems that the more you have the more you have to lose, and that can depress a person more than if they never had much in the first place. Nobody wants to feel helpless, and a person used to not living on nothing might lose sight of what’s really important.

Putting our Trust in Material Things can Leave Us Feeling Naked during Tribulations

Having nice things feels great when we have them, but then when we have to pawn off our home, cars, or electronic devices to pay rent; it feels rotten. What would some of us even do without all of our stuff? How would some of us live?

Suddenly losing the possessions we so often cherish even though most of them will eventually biodegrade can cause us to feel lost.

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It can result in feeling extremely exposed, too – like those dreams we have of going to school in our underwear. No one wants to be branded a loser, but no one is a loser unless they want to be.

In What or Who should we Trust?

You know what? I’m not even going to answer that question for you. It’s up to you to decide in what or whom you will trust. All I know is faith in inanimate objects and tangible mediums of exchange will not get you anywhere. Put your home in something that you can depend on, and ironically for me, it seems that the hope I have comes from within me. It also involves faith. The minute you start getting discouraged and losing faith is the minute you stop living.

Four Basic Tips — How You Can Achieve Internet Marketing Success

When you’re an internet marketing beginner, you might spend several hours a day trying to make a sale to no avail. If this is describes your experience, might want to review the four basics of internet marketing success

Basic Tip #1-Have a Plan and Be Persistent
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If you have goals that you know you want to reach, this will resolve about half of your internet marketing problems. Online promoters usually experience more financial success when they set both short-term and long-term objectives. 

Having goals also helps you not want to give up because it can mark your progress. Of course, persistence helps too. You have to keep going on if you want to make a profit. 
Basic Tip #2-Read Inspiring Success Stories
Part of the reason people want to quit pursuing their internet marketing dreams is they become discouraged. If you just failed at launching your latest

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Image by adamr at

promotional campaign, you have to find a way to motivate yourself even when you feel hopeless.

One way to do this is by reading inspiring success stories. It might surprise you when you read background of some online gurus. Many of them came from poor homes and disadvantaged neighborhoods, and they fought against the current cycle of poverty. Their meager start and their path to success will encourage you to persevere. 
Basic Tip #3-Find Lucrative, Unsaturated Niches
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at Free Digital

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at Free Digital

You want to promote a brand that has a history of producing useful products. However, you also want to sign up to support advertisers who would appeal to untapped target markets. The balance between the two will result in a steady income.

Once you find the right company to promote, do not procrastinate. Otherwise, you could miss your opportunity to make money on certain products before everyone else does.
Basic Tip #4-Keep up With Current Promotional Trends
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Ask any internet marketer you know, and they will tell you how important it is to keep up with current promotional trends. For instance, four years ago, forum posting used to be a very popular way of gaining backlinks. However, now this form of marketing does not work as much. Instead, social networking seems to work well for advancing a product or brand — at least for now.

When launching your next advertising campaign, use what works today. However, also prepare yourself for what will work better tomorrow.