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The Growing Entrepreneur understands the plight most start-up companies experience. Creating a successful operation requires far more work than you ever imagined you would have to put into it.

However, you can turn to people for inspiration to help you keep the dream alive. Sometimes, all it takes is a short quote or a paragraph of Monday motivation, and you’re once again ready for another day.

Not everyone likes what you’re doing, and maybe it’s because some of them have a legitimate reason. However, don’t let that stop you from at least wanting to try to achieve your dreams. In the process, remember that material net worth is not everything. If it was, people wouldn’t want to commit suicide, or rich people would never get divorced. Keep it all in perspective, and you will have a good life.

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Nobody Wants to be Dirt Poor, but Success is Not Everything

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Hello, just in case you wonder where I’ve been, I’ve been busy setting up connections for The Growing Entrepreneur. I now am on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. I realized one day I have to let people know this blog is here so they know to find it.

Upcoming Post — 5 Things I Learned about Business in the Past 9 Years

Here’s a preview: 1. It’s not easy 2. Give the customer what they want. 3. Sell stuff people actually need. 4. Make it about my audience, not me. 5. Get myself out there on as many social networks as possible.

I will have more great stuff for you soon. In the time being take a look at some Monday Motivation posts if you need it or do a product search.

Monday Motivation: When People Have Nothing Nice to Say: How to Carry On

It’s tough to carry on when you feel like people have nothing nice to say to you. You try to make an effort to improve your life, and perhaps they’re the first to pounce on any weakness you have to see if you’ll crack. Don’t let “them” destroy you!

It’s tough to be around people who don’t believe in you when you’re doing your best and making your best effort. If you’re dealing with this today, try not to let it get to you too much. Cry if you must, and maybe take a nap. Then, hopefully when you wake up you’ll feel more optimistic that you don’t have to give up on your dreams.
Oh, and if you’re pissed off because people are telling you that you need a day off, they’re probably right. You can’t control the fact that maybe your spouse or children are lazy and don’t do enough work to help you pay the bills. However, you can’t keep going the way you are if you’re burnt out. Trust me I know. 
In fact, it’s now a little after 4pm. I’m thinking its not too late for a nap myself. If you’re still working, maybe take a day off tomorrow and sleep all day. Then, get up early the following day and you’ll feel like it’s a brand new start for you. 

Work Hard Now, Reap Benefits Later

You do need time to play just as much as you need time to work. However, you might have times when you temporarily have to sacrifice more of your free time than you do at other times. Don’t stay caught in work mode 24/7, but make sure you stay diligent until you achieve your dreams. Your work ethic will bring you great rewards.
work hard now

More Monday Motivation: Don’t Quit Now! It’ll Give Other People Too Much Satisfaction

Don’t quit now.There’s too many people who would feel like they won the game if you do. It would give the people who taunted you, belittled you, and put you down too much power. This is my Monday motivation for the week even though my morning was nothing but crap:

I’m not going to give up and neither should you!

Whatever it is that you want in live, do everything you can in your power to make it happen. Get the right training, find funding to secure the equipment you need, and don’t be afraid to ask other people for help. Take a break once in a while and always get a good night’s rest, but don’t give up until you know you have taken all the action you can. 

A wise growing entrepreneur understands how much work goes into having a business. Be careful not to burn yourself out. However, remember that persistance will increase your financial reward. 

More Monday Inspiration – Our Weekly Quote for You

The Growing Entrepreneur knows you need encouragement from time to time. After all, life does not come easy. Running a business presents many challenges. For instance, many people assume you, a growing entrepreneur, does whatever you wants all the time. Right now, this quote encourages you to be a leader and not a follower. That’s how you can realize our true potential. Chart your own path for your life. It will bring you the most success according to what accomplishment means to you.

do not be led by others

Got the Monday Blues? The More Failure a Person Has in Life…

every man and woman




Do you feel like a total failure in life?

Do you especially feel this way every Monday? If so, you probably have the beginning-of-the-week blues, as usual.

It happens to everyone from time to time, including me. You don’t even know how many times I’ve wanted to quit my business. Sometimes, the only reason I carry on is because I want people who have been down tough roads believe they can succeed.

We all have to talk ourselves out of this slump so we can make this the most productive week ever!

Remember, failure is only temporary. In fact, it’s not as if you failed at all. Your life is “to be continued” tomorrow, next week, and next year if no unforeseen accident takes your life.

Therefore, try not to stay blue all day – or at least cheer up by tomorrow. The world needs you!

“Live for Today” — Monday Inspiration for the Growing Entrepreneur

live for todayIf you’re a growing entrepreneur, dare to dream. However, in the process, you must remember to live for now. Wondering if the future will bring better success than today will not help you achieve your goals.

Remember to enjoy every single day. Don’t just survive each day while working toward a milestone. Otherwise, before you  know it, you will have lived your entire life feeling like you’re reaching but never grasping.

Have a Plan, but Don’t Worry

Many people wake up each day gritting their teeth while they say to themselves, “I’ll be able to enjoy life when I make enough money.”

However, what if that time never came? What if you were always going to be this poor? Yes, it’ hard to have any fun or go anywhere, and it’s hard to help people when you feel broke. However, try to still relax once in a while and find a way to still make connections with other people when you’re not working.

Spend time with your family, too. It might feel tough to be in a position of feeling inferior if you don’t make as money money as they do. However, in the end what does it matter? Maybe you spend most of your time trying to make a better life for yourself, but at least a few times a year – or even once a month – remember your most important relatives and friends. Furthermore, spend as much time with your children and spouse as you can.

More Monday Inspiration: “Do What’s Right…”

do what you know is right.I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve done plenty wrong in my life. However, I also know it’s never late to turn my life around, and I would say the same for everyone else. In the process, I want to do more of the right thing again, just because it is the right thing to do. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Running a Business with a Conscience

Business owners face dilemmas every day, especially when struggling financially.  They might feel a bit desperate and tempted to take on work that otherwise does not match up with their moral or ethical beliefs. However, they must ask themselves whether or not they will regret it later. Is it really worth it?

Should business owners decide to pursue a particular market just because they’re desperate to make money?

This answer lies within each individual. Some people choose to compromise during tough times, such as during a recession or right after the holiday season. However, we all have to ask ourselves where in the end it will lead us? Doing what we don’t even believe in causes us to not believe in ourselves, and at that point, no one else will believe in us either. We have to have faith we can make it without succumbing to moral degradation – neither in business nor in our personal lives.